Praise Reports:
As Brother Paul preached at the last sermon at the Rescue Mission, a woman came forward to the cross for prayer.  She said she had been saved in March and had given up many things relating to her flesh but she wanted prayer for even more of God and less of herself.  What a fantastic testimony.
As Brother Paul closed the service in the chapel he came out and spoke with us about a fallen brother who approached him crying and saying, “ I need to get somewhere today or I won’t make it.  If I don’t go today, I won’t go.”  As we spoke with this brother, he reached into his pocket, and as he pulled out a piece of paper, a crumpled one dollar bill fell out.  On the piece of paper he had the phone number for ChristTown in Quincy.  Crying, he told us that he had spoken to the director and was told if he could get there today, they would let him in.  He told us he was at the end of his rope; he had addictions and knew if he didn’t go now, tomorrow would be too late.   We hopped in Marvin’s truck and headed for ChristTown.  On the way, we learned that he knew the Lord, was raised in a Christian home, went to college, built up a business and lost it all to drugs and alcohol.  He told Marvin that if he had more than one dollar in his pocket, he would help pay for the gas for the trip.  We arrived at ChristTown and they were expecting him.
The next day at church, Marvin came over to us and said that we would never guess what happened.  Yesterday, he was cleaning out the back of his truck and he found the brother’s one dollar.  He had left his last dollar.  Marvin and I thought that he could hold on to the dollar knowing that he might see the brother again when he was reconciled with God and could show it to him and say to him, do you know what this is as Marvin handed it back to him.
God is so good!  
We will be emailing all of you after we meet about the direction for FBIP and will be posting this and any other updates on our website atwww.fbip.info.
Love & Blessings,
His Servants